Minyak Kelapa Dara, 500ml

Minyak Habbatus Saudar, 100ml

Madu Tualang, 190ml

Pati Buah Kurma, 500ml 250ml 100ml

Pati Buah Delima, 500ml 250ml 100ml

Minyak 7 Bunga Alawiyah, 10ml

RM 52.00

Minyak Syuniz Syifa', 10ml

RM 52.00


Mat Cendana said...
I've used/am using the Madu Tualang, Cuka Tamar and Kurma Juice especially since a couple of months ago. I'll write a specific post about this, but there's something that I'd like to mention here and now. I was down with a debilitating illness since a few months ago. Although I wasn't bed-ridden, I definitely wasn't well. In fact, I was slowly wasting away but wasn't aware of it at that time! That's because of the lethargy that came on as a result of the illness. In a way, it might be better if you were bed-ridden -- that way, you and those near you will realise that things are serious and would try do something about it. Fortunately, and all thanks to Allah, I received the three products from Pusat Perubatan Islam An-Nisaa. The effects weren't immediate or even noticeable over the shorter period. But now I realise one thing -- were it not for these supplements, my condition would probably have deteriorated. With the help of the medicinal properties of these products, they helped to give my body a fighting chance to overcome the effects of the illness. The Tualang Honey, especially -- I'd say it was the single most potent remedy that helped my body. Eventually, things improved for the better. I thank God that these products came my way when I was in desperate need of their healing and protective properties.